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Stop Feeding Your Dogs & Cats Poison!

I’ve read a lot of reviews and controversy recently regarding the reports coming from information that has been gathered in order to bring our attention to what the manufacturer’s of our pet’s food have been adding to their many recipes that we’ve been feeding our animals for decades. You will be appalled by the many different types of ingredients and animal by-product(s) they’ve used throughout history and to this day, that will have you thinking twice the next time you need dog/cat food and you start reading the ingredient labels written in such small letters. (Do they do that on purpose?)


Have we all been fooled by the same manufacturers into thinking that if we feed our pets the best food money can buy, we’d be extending our pet’s lives? Haven’t we all been told by our vets that “It all starts with their diet and exercise.” But what if their diet isn’t what we thought it was?”


Even the high-end manufacturer’s of our pet’s food have been using the same recipe, when all this time they’ve had you and I believing that they are even better than the “regular brand” because their product has  nothing but the best ingredients, vitamins and nutrition that’s been added to ensure your pet’s optimal health.  I can understand the panic you must be feeling in your stomach as you read this, as I’ve had  the very same feelings when I came across this latest article regarding two of  the reknown dog food companies and the problems that are just coming to the surface where we the public can finally read for ourselves.

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 We all need to take action and be responsible for the sake of our beloved pets, and ensure that our dogs & cats  eat the very best foods for their optimal health. We shouldn’t have to patrol these  dog & cat food manufacturers to ensure that their products stand up to what they advertise for, and not filled with animal by-products, articifial preservatives, nitrates, sugars and artificial colors or flavors.


Until I came across this Website. I know this will  give you;

  • All the proof you need to make a conscience educated decision to do right by your pets.
  • You’ll also have all your ammunition to do something about it, to bring around MUCH needed CHANGE!!!

PLEASE   Click Here!  To bring you to the Website that I came across!!

 Have You Hugged Your Pet(s) Today ♥

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  1. John says:

    Very helpful post.
    We have always given are dogs a special healthy diet.
    Definitely notice the difference in there life style.

    • Patti says:

      Thanks for your post. I love knowing I’m reaching out to all the animal lover’s out there. Make sure you read the article “Stop Feeding Your Dog & Cat Poison!!” because it’s also about the Big chain of cat and dog food company that costs a lot more, but not neccessarily any better for your pet. Thanks again, and please come back and read my future posts.

  2. PicnickingBaskets.Com says:

    Dear Luvin Animals,

    I have a Picnic Basket website, and I donate 2% of all purchase goes directly to a Manchster, CT. No-kill Animal Shelter. We too our passionate abouts our pets!
    Keep up the good work of bringing us information that we would probably not have otherwise seen or heard about. Especially the blog of “Are you poisoning your pet unknowingly?” That really hit home for a lot of my pet owner friends and I. We all wanted to join the membership as we see this as an important and valid site with great information sharing. Great tool to help keep the Pet Food Industries honest with us.

    • Patti says:

      Hi PicnickingBaskets.Com,
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and comments with us! It’s truly heartwarming when I see an online business taking action with donating to an animal shelter in their area. Honesly the animals NEED more companies like YOU.

      With Great Thanks,

      Have you Hug Your Animal Today <3

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    • Patti says:

      Thank you for checking out my blog!! Please visit and see what’s been added new. I love sharing and receiving feedback on all my blogs. Perhaps you have a shared interest in Luvin Animals too :)

  4. John says:

    have you ever heard any more information on this up coming problem?
    Sure would like your input.


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