Victory! Elephant Performances Shut Out of Kentucky

Abusive elephant shows are on their way out, and Kentucky has hammered another nail into their coffin.

The notoriously cruel Garden Bros. Circus was planning to rent out elephants from equally cruel exhibitor Larry Carden and force them to perform in two shows in Corbin, Kentucky. But PETA quickly got in touch with the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources and pointed out that it’s illegal to possess, display, or exhibit elephants in the city. The agency confirmed that Garden Bros. hadn’t requested a permit to do so and said that it would inform the circus that it wouldn’t be allowed to bring elephants into the state.

This means that these elephants will be spared two forced performances under the constant threat of a bullhook.

Last year, Kentucky officials inspected Garden Bros. and found that its elephant exhibitor had failed to comply with the terms of his permit. Handler Anthony Frisco, whose family has been the subject of numerous eyewitness complaints and PETA actions over the years, was charged with four violations. But he left the state, failed to appear at his arraignment, and has thus far evaded consequences, although there’s an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

Elephants used for entertainment desperately need every win they can get.

Elephants are native to the jungles of Asia, and in circuses, they’re denied everything that gives their lives meaning. During training, they’re violently punished whenever they attempt to engage in any type of instinctive, natural behavior and humans subjugate them with heavy chains, electric prods, and steel-tipped bullhooks. The goal is to break their spirit and elicit full compliance at all times.

You Can Help Protect Elephants

Many venues and localities have canceled scheduled Garden Bros. performances, refused to issue the circus a permit because of safety concerns, and barred it from performing with wild animals. Please ask venues still planning to host this cruel circus to ensure that scheduled performances go forward only if they’re free of animals.

Speak Up for Elephants

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