Zoo Asks For Woman’s Help In Repairing Butterfly’s Wings, She Gives It A Transplant

Some people volunteer at animal shelters, others save kittens who accidentally gambol onto the road, while the founder of Insect Art repairs the wings of butterflies!

The woman, who makes jewelry from real insects, is an expert at repairing butterfly wings, doing wing transplants, and making sure that these beautiful insects are restored to glory. This is a meticulous process that requires patience, dexterity, and a real passion for butterflies.

As unbelievably cool as it sounds, Insect Art’s founder isn’t the only person doing surgery on butterflies: be sure to read Bored Panda’s post about Romy McCloskey and how she repairs butterflies’ broken wings as well.

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The founder of Insect Art helped a Monarch butterfly fly again by repairing its wings

“This one was deformed out of the chrysalis, so I did a wing transplant. Hoping he can fly tomorrow,” the creator of Insect Art posted on her Facebook page, detailing that the insect had problems flying from the moment it was born.

The butterfly surgeon got more than 34,000 likes, 32,000 shares, and 3,800 comments when she posted photos of how she helped the insect in need.

The transplant was a success!

Image credits: Insect Art

The butterfly was regaining its strength after the transplant…

Image credits: Insect Art

…and later flew off into the sky!

Image credits: Insect Art

According to the insect doctor, the Monarch butterfly had regained its strength and was able to fly perfectly! Godspeed, little buddy!

The founder of Insect Art makes jewelry from insects by rehydrating them and making them look natural and lifelike. Each piece of jewelry she makes takes her “takes several days, and each end result is unique.”

The founder of Insect Art has been helping butterflies for several years

Image credits: Insect Art

Image credits: Insect Art

Image credits: Insect Art

Monarch butterflies are also known as milkweed, the common tiger, the wanderer, and the black veined brown. I don’t know about you, dear Readers, but the common tiger and the wanderer might even sound better than ‘Monarch.’

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to help butterflies fly again

Image credits: Insect Art

Image credits: Insect Art

Image credits: Insect Art

Monarch butterflies are quite small, with a wingspan usually between 3.5 and 4 inches (8.9 to 10.2 centimeters). Monarchs are sometimes confused with Viceroys who are patterned and colored similarly but are far smaller and have an extra black stripe across each hindwing.

You can watch the full video here

During the autumn migration, Monarch butterflies fly thousands of miles southward. What’s also notable about these butterflies is that Monarchs have been bred on the International Space Station. You could even say that they’re out of this world.

What do you think about butterfly surgery? What’s the most beautiful species of butterfly in your opinion? Have you ever helped out an animal in need of help? I saved a snail from getting squashed this morning, for example. Let us know how you’re helping animals in the comments below.

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